Before you place an order you need to be aware of the following:

Paying for research chemicals By conventional payment methods such as Paypal, visa and mastercard is nearly impossible now days. these companies have become very strict with their terms of service. They try to protect the revenue stream of the big pharma industry.

The only way to accept visa or mastercard in this business is by using an offshore creditcard processor, that hides the transaction origin for visa and master-card. However these processors have some limits, they are extremely expensive, and accept only about 70% of the cards. So if your card is declined, there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it. Your other choices are trying a different card, or pay by crypto and received a discount:



You need to call your bank first to authorize transactions from china (as our creditcard processor is based in china)

  1. If you do not call your bank to authorize overseas transactions your payment will fail and you will see the following message:  ‘Transaction declined – Do not Honor”
  2. Do not make more than 2 transaction attempts, as it will result in your card being BLOCKED.
  3. After the order you will receive an email with the exact payment message (how the transaction will appear on your credit-card/bank statement). (if you do not recognize a transaction send us an email)
  4. It is important to note that the exact amount withdrawn from your account might be slightly different(2-5% different) than the grand total on our store. This is because our overseas credit card processor settles transactions in CNY overseas currency, and there is a 2-5% exchange rate between CNY/USD , so between the Chinese bank and your local bank.

If we receive a dispute , we will have to place you on a public do not sell and fraud list. There is no need for disputes. We have a 100% delivery and refund gurantee.  Click there to view our 100% delivery gurantee

If you have any issue with your order, just send us an email at [email protected] and we will assist you!

If your cards keeps getting declined, try a different card or pay by crypto. This is an easy video tutorial: